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When you operate a factory or other business located in an industrial setting, it makes sense that you want to make the movement of times to be as easy as possible. This is why it is important to have gravity conveyor rollers installed. There are many benefits to choosing this option.


Since these rollers operate solely on gravity and do not possess motors of any kind, they are very affordable. No matter what your budget is, there will be room for gravity rollers in it.

Flexible Use

Since these types of rollers are generally used as temporary equipment, they are designed to be able to be moved quite quickly. You easily move them from location to location within the factory or even outside if there are items to be moved there.

Easy To Maintain

Since gravity rollers are built very simply, they are also easy to maintain. If a roller cracks or beaks, you can simply pop it out and install a new one. This is the exact opposite of motorized conveyors that need to undergo strict maintenance to keep them operating.


When you need to add-on to the length of the conveyor system or perhaps add a curve to go around a corner, it is very simply done. Simply line it up to the original gravity conveyor rollers setup and you are good to go.

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