Soil aerification (also known as aeration or aeration) is in more ‘technical’ terms the process of the rapid exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen between the soil pore and the atmosphere. Essentially, aerification is the process of loosening compacted soils, enabling nutrients to be able to reach the soil beneath the grass; letting water and air penetrate lawn thatch and built-up grass. Also, fertilizer and pesticides benefit from aerification, moving easily into this loosened soil as they extract nutrients. This is one reason why grass seeding is popular right after a lawn aerification.

If home or business owners are looking to own their own soil aerification equipment, there are some truly fine products out on the market to choose from.

One piece of soil aerification equipment that is very functional and popular is the Universal Aeravator. It comes in different shafts, frame widths, and a variety of add-on pieces.

Other AERA-vator products include:

  • DO40 AERA-vator Mini Skid Steer
  • Universal AERA-vator 60T (pull behind)
  • Groundmaster 360: AERA-vator
  • AE40E AERA-vator Tow Behind

For big-time agricultural aerification, customers really stand behind the AGRI-vator. Providing a 30% faster re-growth, it allows users to relieve compaction while aerating the soil simultaneously. The unit comes in widths of 6′, 8′, and 12′, and has optional seed box and spiker roller add-ons.

Annual aerification is recommended, and fall is the best season of the year to do it. So join the others who will be aerating this fall, and get your lawn good and prepped for the upcoming winter.

For retail use of for use in a home, having the right containers to store hemp or cannabis is important to the quality of the product. The longer the hemp or cannabis is stored, the more critical it is to ensure it is kept dry, free from harmful UV light, and with limited exposure to air.

Hemp is particularly susceptible to damage from humidity, air, and UV light. Choosing hemp packaging that reduces this type of contact helps both retailers and those storing product at home to ensure quality over extended periods of time.

Reduce Container Opening

Choosing quality hemp packaging that offers easy visibility into the container is essential to limit the number of times the container is opened. This is particularly important for retailers, but it is also a factor for home storage.

Choose a container that provides significant visibility on the sides as well as the top. Some of the most innovative storage options have built-in magnification lenses, providing high levels of visibility of all aspects of the product without the need to remove the lid.

Provide LED Light

Specialized hemp packaging with built-in LED lighting eliminates the need to move the container into direct sunlight to view contents. Having the harmless LED light spotlight the contents of the container not only makes visibility easier, but it protects the quality and the beneficial compounds in the hemp.

Finally, choose a hemp storage container that provides a good seal. This eliminates excessive air and airborne contaminants from getting into the jar and causing degradation of the hemp.


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