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If you are worried about the quality of your indoor air, whether it be in your home or your workplace, then you really need to check into getting IAQ fans. There are many reasons why this is so.

Enhance Your HVAC System

A traditional HVAC system can only get rid of approximately 5% of the allergens and other pollutants that are floating around the air in confined spaces. However, when you install an IAQ system, which literally stands for indoor air quality, it will filter out the remaining 95%. Since the filter it uses is made with positively-charged ions, it will catch all of the errant particles that remain in the air.

Eliminates Allergens

The air is filled with allergens, especially if you own pets or have a smoker in the house. Unfortunately, some people are so allergic that they can develop sinus infections, which can be excruciatingly painful. These types of IAQ air filtration systems can eliminate these allergens and get you and your visitors back to feeling comfortable once again.

Chemical Odors

IN the modern world, there are all sorts of indoor scents that people tend to enjoy, such as new furniture or carpeting. However, these scents are the result of chemicals in the air that can actually cause us harm. IAQ fans can eliminate these chemicals from the air and get you back to being healthy.

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