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Butterfly knives, also known as balisongs, are every bit as physically attractive as they are a challenge to use. These folding pocket knives were originally the product of skilled artisans in the Philippines, but today crafters are able to make special beautiful examples the world over.

If you’d like to start your own collection of these elite blades, then you might want to find a specific style to look into in particular.

Finding Your Preferred Type of Butterfly Knife

Perhaps some of the most collectible butterfly knives are also those that aren’t all that traditional. Some collectors prefer creative styles of knives that follow fantastical patterns you wouldn’t have normally found among more typical examples.

Others are purists that prefer their butterfly knives to always feature a pair of two handles that rotate around the tang of the blade. This helps to conceal the knife itself within grooves in the handle whenever you close it.

Typically, a balisong has the handle latch facing the cutting edge, which is sometimes referred to as the bite edge by collectors. You might want to look into something that has a slightly different arrangement if you already have some similar knives in your collection.

Take a few moments to examine the quality of the steel in any knife you purchase as well. Occasionally, you might find a butterfly knife that uses Damascus steel or perhaps rainbow treated metal in its construction. These can certainly add collectible status to a piece.

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