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Pollution control equipment manufacturers design low-cost solutions to emissions management. Whether you need a thermal oxidizer or fiberbed mist collector, they can make them for your crew. Moreover, they have designed solutions to use in the field or at a plant if you manage one.

Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers

Filtering out particles as small as 1 micron is too tough for a regular filter, so use a fiberbed mist collector. Nevertheless, too many companies skip this, and they end up emitting tons of pollution as a result. Thankfully, you can order micron-sized filters from this manufacturer at an affordable price.

Fiberbed Mist Collectors

Brownian diffusion indicates that sub-micron particles tend to have less momentum when traveling. As such, a well-made filter can grab them out of the air once they graze the side. Use this filter to help with asphalt processing, saturation, coaters, or acid mist.

Pre-Filter Systems

Does your industrial exhaust contain stone dust, oils, solid particulates, or talc? In that case, a pre-filter would be beneficial to your pollution control processes. Plant managers have seen improvements when used on oxidizer systems, reducing emissions.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

Volatile organic compounds do not always get removed by filters when processing pollution. A regenerative thermal oxidizer is usually the most cost-efficient solution to this problem. Although they are only useful for VOCs, they are invaluable in this use-case most of the time.

Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer

Do not let hazardous air pollutants escape your industrial plant. Use a recuperative thermal oxidizer to control them along with volatile organic compounds.

Air Clear, LLC designs, develops and manufactures pollution control equipment. Visit them at their website at https://www.airclear.net/ to learn more.