Madison Area Residents Have Access to Climate Controlled Storage Options

by | Jan 31, 2020 | Business, Storage

While it might be relatively easy to find a self-storage facility, those who are looking for a place to store delicate pieces of art or vintage furniture might have a more difficult time. Fortunately for them, it’s becoming easier to find the type of services they need as the market changes. Finding a self storage in Madison, AL, has therefore become somewhat simpler for those who have these needs.

For instance, antique dealers can find a self storage in Madison, AL,

that offers climate control. By monitoring temperature and humidity levels, HVAC specialists have ensured the integrity of even the most valuable commodities when placed in these units.

Naturally, this has led to some concerns over security. Once people start to store more expensive materials, they want to be sure that thieves and vandals won’t be able to mess with them. Secure gate access technology has helped to assuage these concerns.

Under this system, each customer is granted a unique PIN code. They’re able to use this code to enter the facility at certain times during the day. Those who don’t have a number won’t be able to get in.

Digital security cameras have also helped to reduce the risk of unauthorized individuals entering a facility. These constantly monitor the location so managers will know the moment that someone has gained access to the grounds. They can even send out online alerts when something goes wrong.

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