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People work hard and like to enjoy themselves by catching up on their sleep on weekends. That’s why it’s often difficult for folks to get up early and attend Sunday services at church. However, God wants you to worship Him each week so you can learn how He wants you to live. That in mind, the following are some key advantages of going to church every week.

If nothing else, attending a Jacksonville Christian Church each Sunday will make you feel better about yourself. Similar to everyone else, there are things you do or regret that you may feel guilty about. Attending church will help you better understand how God forgives you and has a wonderful plan for your life.

In one of the Ten Commandments, God says to “Observe The Sabbath by keeping it holy.” This means God expects you to attend church services on a regular basis. Most church services are only an hour or so, which you can easily fit into your schedule.

While you’re expected to read the Bible for guidance and instruction, attending a Jacksonville Christian Church can better help you interpret important verses in the Bible. That’s because the pastors are educated and impassioned about Jesus Christ and want to help you learn how to apply His teachings in your own life.

Most Christian churches have a variety of social activities for members of all ages. If you have teens, they can join the youth group. And if you’re single, you may enjoy attending events with other single members.

Attending a Jacksonville Christian Church or any church may help boost your immune system and lower your blood pressure. It may also help you relieve stress and live longer. Visit Southpoint Community Church to find the spiritual family you seek.