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There are many incidents that can cause water damage in a home. Sewer back-ups, broken pipes, and serious storms can cause water to damage various areas of the home. When one of these incidents occur, it is important to take action immediately. The longer the water sits, the more damage there is. Fortunately, Water Damage Restoration Service in Pocatello ID provides assistance in getting a home back to normal after one of these events.

Water Removal

When water damage occurs in the home, the first step in the clean up is to remove any standing water as soon as the flow of water stops. This makes it important to contact a Water Damage Restoration Service in Pocatello ID as soon as possible. Many of these companies offer 24-hour emergency services. The team will arrive promptly to begin removing water from the area. They are equipped with tools and pumping systems that can help them remove any excess water from the home.

Drying Out

After the standing water is removed, the next step is to dry out the affected area. Any damaged or porous materials will be removed from the area. Industrial fans and other equipment may be used to speed up the drying. Removed items will be either professionally cleaned or disposed of when necessary. It is important to completely dry the area quickly to prevent mold growth. A damp area is a prime environment for mold to grow in as little as 24-48 hours. The quicker the area is dried, the less likely there will be mold.


After the area is thoroughly dried, steps will be taken to clean the area. Anti-microbial cleaning products will be used to eliminate bacteria and prevent mold growth. Carpets and upholstery will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any smells that can linger. The team can also provide assistance in repairing any areas that cannot be properly cleaned. This helps to get the home back to it a safe and comfortable environment for the entire household.

Water damage can be detrimental to a home. It can cause damage and promote health risks. It is important to act quickly when any type of flooding occurs. Contact Henderson Restoration & Cleaning for more information about their water restoration services.