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Industries that have a high turnover in employment are encouraged to use a staffing agency, especially if your company consistently hires seasonal or temporary workers. It frees up your human resources department to work on other tasks that are more profitable and beneficial for your company. Hiring truck drivers is another area that requires thoroughness. A Truck Driver Staffing Agency Ponte Vedra Beach FL is ready to offer its services.

Here are three reasons why using a staffing agency to hire truck drivers is beneficial.

Background Check

The most intense step in hiring a new, seasonal or temporary employee is the background check. Here, you make contact with references and past employers. You look for DUIs, criminal offenses and you request a physical. Those who transport freight for a living are professional drivers. Since they are on the road so often, it is important to hire those who have proven they are responsible. Even the most responsible can get caught in an accident on the road. Your goal is to find the professionals who can avoid them, or at the very least, minimize potential damage. A thorough background check is the most effective way to find out who you are hiring, and staffing agencies specialize in this area.

They Have the Time

Agencies get paid by the worker they successfully place. It is in their best interest, therefore, to find the best candidates. They have the time to post job ads, scout talent and recruit. Plus, they are building their company’s reputation. Every person they come across has employment potential. It is up to them to find the best opportunity.


A Truck Driver Staffing Agency Ponte Vedra Beach FL understands the various employment laws and regulations. So things run smoothly, they operate in an environment of compliance and efficiency.