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When it comes to tactical knives, none have encouraged anywhere near as much debate as out-the-front knives have. These blades will literally eject straight out of the anterior section of the handle, which has made them quite controversial with many lawmakers. That being said, collectors will want to check their local laws because there’s a high probability that they may actually be able to purchase them.

Countless types of tactical knives are already on the market, but collectors who aren’t already satisfied with this kind of forbidden fruit may turn their eyes to custom made OTF knives. Stylish and wild designs have taken the market by storm. Artistic freedom often takes a slight backseat to practicality, but many of these knives are every bit as attractive as they are functional.

Admittedly, there are countless other reasons someone might want a custom knife like this. Those who struggle with mobility-related issues often find that automatic knives are helpful. It can be hard to open a conventional blade with nothing more than the integrated nail clip. They’re also popular with makers and hobbyists who have a hard time cutting through some types of surfaces.

Nevertheless, it’s the feel of having something entirely unique that’s going to keep collectors coming back to these designs time and time again. While there are certain limits to the shapes that someone could make a blade in, there’s no reason to think that smiths aren’t coming up with zany ways around them.

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