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For the longest time, many people weren’t permitted to buy automatic knives as a result of legislative difficulties in their locations. Now, a group of cutlery specialist has taken advantage of some changes so that they can bring custom benchmade OTF knives to the masses. Collectors, technicians, outdoor enthusiasts and even those who might not have otherwise ever even wanted to buy automatic knives are starting to take a closer look at these.

Unlike conventional automatic blades, these benchmade OTF knife blades are made specifically for each order. That means that they can incorporate features you wouldn’t normally see in a conventional pocketknife. Putting together benchmade OTF knife blades could potentially be as easy as assembling a few off-the-shelf parts into a larger package, but there’s no reason to believe that sort of behavior would attract the same degree of attention.

Rather, professionals have taken the time to craft individual packages that are every bit as stunning as one might have gotten when ordering directly from the cutler themselves. To make one of these blades, specialists inflate a piece of hot metal that’s sometimes called a sweller. As this sweller starts to form into the general shape of a blade, it’s pounded and hammered into shape. The process is intense and can take a long time before it’s completely swelled into the appropriate dimensions. Considering the finished product, however, it’s going to be worth the wait.

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