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House Washing in Puyallup WA is a service every homeowner should schedule regularly. Not only will it keep the exterior of the home clean, but it can also offer a lot of unexpected benefits as well. Since power washers are a destructive tool in the hands of a novice, hiring a professional service is often suggested to prevent damage to siding, lighting and windows.

Eliminate Cobwebs and Nests

Spiders and various other creatures love to attach their homes to those of a human. Over time, these nesting materials and cobwebs become overwhelming and detract from the beauty of the home. Clearing them away by hand is no easy feat when they are tucked into the eaves. Power washing can eliminate all of these messes easily and, unlike a broom, leave no debris behind.

Wash Away Oil Stains

It is not uncommon to see black stains on driveways from oil and grease that have dripped from vehicles. This can reduce the curb appeal of the home. Power washers are capable of cleaning these surfaces just as easily as they clean the home.

Remove Moss and Mildew

Moss and mildew grow on roofing materials, particularly in shaded areas. Over time, these materials increase the moisture that a roof is exposed to and can begin to cause damage. Both are also unsightly and reduce the aesthetic appeal of the home. Power washing will strip away these accumulations and protect the roof.

Remove Loose Paint

Paint projects often mean hours of scraping to remove the previous layer of loose, peeling paint. Power washing is often able to strip this paint away. Some scraping will often still be necessary as it will only remove what is loose. This process can damage wood if not done correctly, so it should only be attempted by a professional.

Eco Clean Northwest is an example of the type of service that provides House Washing in Puyallup WA. They are a cost-effective way to brighten the exterior of a home, its walkways and driveway. Regular cleaning has been proven to extend the life siding and roofing materials. The service takes only a couple of hours, and the results are immediate.