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There is no doubt that your dog is part of the family. When birthdays and holidays roll around, you can bet that the dog will have something special. As you consider different options for the occasion, make sure that you choose those gifts for dogs carefully. Here are three key points to keep in mind as you make your selection.

One has to do with what you know about your dog’s likes and dislikes. The goal is to invest in a gift that the pet is likely to enjoy. This means if your dog has no use for rawhide chews, those are off the list. On the other hand, if your dog loves all things flavored like bacon, there are bound to be some healthy snacks out there that are perfect for the occasion.

You also want to avoid anything that could injure your pet. That includes toys or treats that might splinter or break easily. As smart as your dog happens to be, there’s still the possibility of ingesting something that could cause harm. Always make sure that the gift you select is safe for consumption or is a toy that will not break into small pieces.

Last, consider purchasing gifts that are made by small business owners. The reason for this is that the owner is likely in the business because he or she loves pets. That means some extra care is taken with the production, including safety and quality measures. Since your dog deserves the best, opting for gifts made by those who love animals makes sense.

Take your time and explore the quality of all those gifts for dogs before you buy anything. Go for something that your dog is sure to enjoy, and both of you will be a lot happier.

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