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Keeping an operational fire extinguisher on hand is an essential component of effective fire protection. However, because you won’t use your fire extinguisher regularly, it’s essential to make sure it’s always functioning well. The best way to determine if your fire extinguisher is in good operating condition is by completing a fire extinguisher inspection in Des Moines.

What They Do

When you hire the professionals for a fire extinguisher inspection in Des Moines, they will first complete a visual inspection of your fire extinguishers. This inspection looks for visible signs of damage that may indicate your fire extinguisher needs repairs or should be replaced. Their team can help you determine the best way to proceed, giving you the guidance you need to keep your business as safe as possible.

How Often Do You Need One?

A fire extinguisher inspection in Des Moines should take place once a year by a professional company. However, you should also designate an employee to perform a visual inspection once per month to ensure any damage is taken care of promptly. In addition to the annual professional inspection, fire extinguishers require a more extensive inspection once every five to 10 years, ensuring the internal components are working correctly.

Why Choose Professionals?

Some companies make the mistake of thinking they can inspect their fire extinguishers themselves and only need professionals if something is amiss. However, if you aren’t familiar with fire extinguishers, you may miss something important. Hiring a professional for your fire extinguisher inspection in Des Moines will give you peace of mind that your fire extinguisher will be effective if you ever need it.

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