What to Look for in High Quality Turf Equipment

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Business

If you take care of a golf course, soccer or football field, or any grass surface where competitive sports are played, you understand that turf health is important. Great turf gives players better traction and protection from falls. A healthy color presents an impression to spectators, too. It also takes the right weather and sports field turf equipment to keep a field healthy and strong. Following are qualities of outstanding turf care machinery. When shopping for turf equipment, keep each of these qualities in mind.


Turf requires aeration. However, not all aeration equipment is built the same. Innovative aerators loosen soil with vibrating tines that don’t leave cores or plugs. This allows for better subsurface aeration, too. An example of an innovative aerator is the 1st Products AERA-Vator. It specializes in aerating dry soil, eliminating the need for re-irrigation. It also combines several add-ons for single pass aeration, seeding, and/or rolling. Innovative equipment contributes to better turf.


Why have separate seeder, aerator, and roller machines in your turf care arsenal? Field workers prefer equipment that can perform several tasks in one pass, rather than covering an area with one machine and starting again with the next. Sports field turf equipment that combines functions saves time, fuel, and work hours.


Aside from a reasonable initial cost, turf equipment should be easy to break down and maintain. The best designs are simple, durable, and smart. These qualities lower long-term maintenance costs and increase reliability.


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