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People often rely on the best companies when they need a residential dumpster rental in Douglasville, GA. These companies offer a range of different dumpster sizes for all kinds of projects. They are great for home renovations, kitchen or bathroom remodels, spring cleaning, landscaping projects, and more. The professionals at this type of company can help people choose the best dumpster rental for their needs.

15-Yard Dumpster

One of the most popular dumpster sizes is the 15-yard dumpster. When people need residential dumpster rental in Douglasville, GA, the 15-yard size is great for small-scale remodels, landscaping projects, and junk clearouts. Homeowners call for the dumpster, and the company sends a professional driver to drop it off at their location. These dumpsters can be filled with nearly any waste, including debris from construction, old furniture and other household waste, and landscaping debris. The only thing it can’t take is liquids or hazardous materials.

Specialized Dumpsters

Some people need residential dumpster rental in Douglasville, GA, for special projects. For example, if they are replacing the roof, they may need a dumpster designed to hold roofing materials. There are also dumpsters that can take concrete and other heavy materials, which is great for a patio or driveway renovation. For projects that involve removing trees, there is a special 30-yard tree debris dumpster. This type of dumpster needs to be filled exclusively with tree debris. It can be difficult to decide which dumpster is best for the job, but the experts at the dumpster company can help.