What is the Value of Installing Hospital Exhaust Fans?

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Business

In times past, homes that were not equipped with heating and cooling units often included large attic fans. Even if the home does have a central unit, the idea of having Hospital Exhaust Fans is not something to consider as a relic of times gone by. Those fans can provide practical benefits that the homeowner can put to good use. Here are some examples.

Freshening the Air in the Home

The main function of Hospital Exhaust Fans is to pull air out of the house and expel it through the gables found in the attic. This has the effect of being able to freshen the air found in the home. Even if the air conditioning system is engaged, running the fan can have benefits. As the air conditioner pulls in fresh air from outside and cools it, the stale air is removed by means of the exhaust fan. This can be especially helpful in homes where pets reside or members of the family enjoy smoking cigarettes, pipes, or cigars. Keep in mind that if some type of kitchen mishap should occur, and the roast is done to a crisp, running the fan will help to clear the scent of burning food from every room of the home.

Staying Cooler When the Air Conditioner is Out

If the main cooling unit should fail and it takes a day or two for the repairs to be made, it is possible to keep the home a little cooler using this type of exhaust fan. Running the fan so that it expels air through the attic makes it possible to create a steady breeze in each of the rooms. By opening the windows by an inch or two, it is possible to ensure the draft is efficient. Since hotter air will rise, it is captured by the exhaust fan and removed from the room. That leaves the cooler air circulating throughout the house.

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