Ways You Can Get Your Freezer Organized With These Simple Steps

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Whether you have an ordinary freezer and refrigerator or a deep freezer for additional storage in your home, you want to try to keep these areas as organized as possible. This can ensure that it’s easy to find items when they are needed and can help you see what might need to be thrown out when it’s expired.

Freezer Type

Before you get started with bins for freezer storage, you need to determine the type of freezer that you have. The most common type for homes is one that is above the refrigerator. However, you could have a side-by-side appliance with a larger freezer or a chest unit that offers more room but that requires you to bend over a bit more to reach inside.


Using bins for freezer storage is a good option for when you need to take inventory on the items that you have. You can easily place like items in one bin while you see exactly what you have and what you might need to get at the store. Make sure there are dates on items that are put in freezer bags so that you know when they expire, placing these bags at the top of the freezer in the bins for easy access.


When you use bins for storage, you can get a variety of sizes and colors. If you have children, then each child could have their own bin so that they can get their treats that they enjoy. Each bin can be used for storing separate items for the week, such as hamburger in one bin or microwave meals in another.

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