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Space and Equipment – Materials Management Priorities
Material managers know how important space and equipment are to the material handling process in warehousing and distribution facilities. Making judicious use of floor space inevitably means comprehensive planning and state-of-the-art equipment.

Finding Answers to Material Handling Issues
When space is limited, many materials managers consider a mezzanine floor Austin TX warehouses use to double floor use.

Mezzanines add storage areas above lower level floor space. The size of the mezzanine floor in Austin TX material managers choose depends on the design and actual size of the interior storage area. However, these are built of sturdy steel with a base platform and access stairs.

Advantages of Installing a Mezzanine
Several advantages to installing a mezzanine include:
. Savings on HVAC, sprinklers and lighting
. No need to redesign or add to warehouse structure
. Cost-effective means of avoiding relocating to a larger warehouse
. Existing HVAC can be used for added savings
. Where ceiling height allows, a mezzanine can be installed in one or more tiers
. Adds over all value to the warehouse property
. Can be used for other purposes such as office space

How to Choose a Material Handling Expert
In the Austin, Texas area, Centex Material Handling provides a full compliment of services. These include:
. Inspections and repairs
. Load testing
. Modernization and upgrades
. Relocation
. Preventive maintenance

Centex, an industry leader, provides highest quality services and equipment as well as serving as an integrator and distributor.

The Centex staff of professionals help warehousing management recapture valuable floor space within customers’ budgetary constraints. In addition, the Centex Material Handling team offers expertise in equipment safety that increases productivity and lowers warehousing operational costs.

Centex Material Handling is the “go to” source for a broad range of material handling equipment such as cranes, conveyors, pallet racks, shelving and space saving mezzanines.