Your beef ranch’s success can depend greatly on the quality of livestock that you invest in for it. You want to raise the best quality of cattle so you can sell them and get a good return from your investment in them.

With that, you need to know where you can find livestock that will be worth your time and money. Instead of going to an auction barn, you can get cattle like bred cows for sale from another trusted beef rancher.

Quality Feeder Cattle

When you buy your livestock from a private rancher, you can check out the cattle’s lineage and make sure that the ones that you buy come from good bloodlines. You may have the opportunity to see the bulls that sired them and also examine other calves and feeder stock that the bulls produced.

You may not get this opportunity to check out the lineage at a sale barn or even a county fair. You can be sure that the cows that you buy can turn out high-quality calves that you can raise as feeder cattle and sell for a profit.

You likewise can be sure of the cattle’s breed when you buy them from a private rancher seller. You will know that your livestock is purebred and not hybrid cows. Find more about buying bred cows for sale from this kind of seller online. Contact Jorgensen Land & Cattle at