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The key to the effective use of marketing in regards to senior living facilities for any senior living marketing agency is to ensure that your content is in alignment with where a prospect is situated in the sales funnel at any particular time.

The first stage of the sales funnel is the lead stage. At this point something has caused a prospect to begin to think about the possibility of senior care, either for them or for a loved one. At this point it is just a mild interest, and they may be checking out some info on the subject via the internet.

They may have recently lost their partner, have health issues or simply be looking at their options as they near retirement.

The second stage is the prospect stage, which is the time to build your brand recognition and the trust that a prospect has in you. It is here that relevant content needs to be used to draw a prospect in further. A wide net should be cast at this point and emphasis given to the things that make your senior living facility different from your competitors. Highlight the positive reviews that your facility has received.

The next stage is to offer downloadable content with a call to action that encourages a prospect to share information about them. Once you know more about them your content can become more tailored toward an actual transaction.

Commitment is the fourth stage. Offer incentives for reconnection to prospects as well as special offers that are time-sensitive.
Once you have reached the transaction stage, you will have gained their trust and can begin to welcome them to your senior living facility.