It’s Time to Get Involved at Southpoint Community Church

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Religion

Whether you go to be in communion with God, hear the Word or get filled up for the week, church can help to restore you and remind you of what is important. Christian life groups in Jacksonville can also help. Let’s explore why.

Putting God First

The Bible says to put God first, to lean on Him and acknowledge Him in all that is done. This is hard to remember at times. By reading the Bible, renewing minds and attending church regularly to hear the Word, it becomes easier to remember this. As you draw near to God, He will draw near to you.

Small Groups

In addition to going to church, it is advised that attendees join a small group. In a small group, you can meet people you have things in common with, friends who can give you sound advice, someone to pray for you when life gets you down and you can get together with others to have fun. You get to meet with them a few times a week if you so choose.


Life group attendees don’t just interact with others to receive support. If anything, it should be their focus to provide support for others without neglecting themselves. The Word says to share burdens with one another, love one another and help edify one another. You have a purpose on Earth no one else can fulfill.

Everyone is an essential part of the body. You have something special to offer Christian life groups in Jacksonville. It’s time to visit Southpoint Community Church.

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