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You wish you could take your dog everywhere with you. Unfortunately, some unavoidable trips can’t reasonably accommodate a pet. You can’t leave your canine friend home alone for countless reasons, so try dog boarding in Manhattan. You may feel hesitant to board your dog at first, but the proper preparation can make it a pleasant experience.

Getting Ready for Manhattan Dog Boarding

Give the Boarder Updated Medical Information

Get a copy of your dog’s medical records from your most recent vet. The boarding staff requires the paperwork to ensure that your dog doesn’t have any known conditions that it can pass on to the other dogs.

You also want to ensure that your dog is caught up on their vaccinations. You don’t want your dog to give any other dog an illness. You also don’t want your dog to get illness from the other dogs, either.

Get Your Dog Groomed

You want your dog to feel comfortable while you’re gone. Therefore, you should schedule a grooming before your trip to prevent overgrown hair and nails. Plus, the pampering can put your pet in a better mood once you leave the dog daycare in UES.

Provide Toys and Comforts of Home

Give the boarding staff plenty of toys and other comforts of home, such as blankets, for your dog to enjoy in their temporary accommodations. These small pleasures can make a big difference in your dog’s disposition when you leave them with the border.

Choose a Reputable Institution

Don’t trust your dog with just dog daycare at UES.

When you need dog boarding in Manhattan, you need New York Tails. Visit their website to learn more.