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The credit repair industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. That means there are a ton of companies vying for your business. And while some of those companies are indeed legit, there are just as many that are nothing more than scams.

A credit repair company doesn’t have any special rights. This means you can dispute your credit report just like they can. According to the FTC, consumers should avoid any credit repair service in Winston-Salem that guarantees they can remove negative information from your credit report. Such guarantees should never be made.

While finding a reputable credit repair service may seem a bit daunting, there are laws in place designed to help keep you safe. Under the Credit Repair Organizations Act, consumers have up to three days to cancel a credit repair service contract without charge. A reputable company will make this clear to you right out of the gate.

A reputable company will also advise you on how to handle your current credit accounts. Once you start working with a credit repair company, their number one goal should be to ensure you don’t damage your credit even further.

Please know that no matter how great a company is, they cannot remove negative marks that are accurate and verifiable.

If a poor credit score is keeping you from qualifying for a home or car, it may be time to hire a credit repair company.

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