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Those who work in areas where the temperatures may get hot need a consistent way to control the amount of sunlight that enters through their office windows. This is where Commercial Window Tinting in Jacksonville FL can come in handy. This guide will help to educate business owners on the benefits of window tinting.

Save on Energy Costs

Business owners can cut back on their reliance on artificial lighting by tinting their windows with daylight-redirecting film. This type of dressing can redirect over 75% of the light deeper into their buildings and, in turn, cut back on their light usage by over 50%. Since most exterior light is limited to entering only through the perimeter of a structure, by using redirecting film, natural light can reach deeper into buildings.

No More Scratched Windows

When property owners opt for Commercial Window Tinting in Jacksonville FL, one reason may be for aesthetic purposes. To guard against graffiti, scratching, or even acid etching, property owners can purchase the anti-graffiti film. This is ideal for locations such as subway cars, public bathrooms, or any type of public building. If damage occurs, the film can be replaced rather than paying for new windows.

Make Buildings Safer and More Secure

Property owners can ensure additional safety by adding security window films on their property. This form of tinting includes a special adhesive that keeps the broken glass intact and also impedes criminals from trying to break and enter through a window. This film also helps mitigate the threat of flying glass in the event of an explosion.

Deal With a Specialized Tinting Company

Property or business owners can save time by choosing a company that specializes in residential and automobile tinting. Discover revolutionary heat rejection solutions with clear film products, which also minimize the sun’s harmful effects. Contact Advanced Window Tinting for more information.