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Your beautiful baby just arrived home from the hospital. You have so many decisions to make. Should you keep the bassinet in your bedroom in the beginning? Do you have enough blankets? Which diaper is best? Giving your baby the right nutrition is one of the most important decisions of all. You tried nursing. It wasn’t a successful experience for you. You’re going to need formula. You need to make a major decision as you scan all the brands on the shelf. You want something that will taste good, give your child ingredients that are beneficial, and avoid exposure to unknown ingredients. Chemicals and additives should have no place in what you put in your baby’s mouth. You’ve seen recent lawsuits about the dangerous ingredients found in some of the brands of formula that have been around for ever. You’re going in another direction. Organic baby formula could be the right fit for your baby.

Organic baby formula has many advantages. You won’t be allowing anything artificial in your child’s system. This will reduce the risk of gastrointestinal illnesses. The addition of the right vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids can give your baby a boost in development. If you stress the importance of whole foods that are natural, organic baby formula is a wise choice for your baby. Ask your pediatrician about the benefits that come with organic options. You will be paving the way to a lifetime of healthy choices. Find out what types of baby formula are waiting for you when you go to

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