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Have you recently attended a boat show or conference and have been inspired to purchase your very first speed boat? Have you decided on a particular brand and model and are excited to have some fun with your friends and family on your new vessel? If yes, then you should not forget these two must-haves for any boat owner.

Stick-On Foam-Based Fishing Rulers

It is likely that fishing will be one activity that you, your family, and your friends will enjoy on your new boat. As you may have experienced, standard fishing rulers can be dangerous as they are often sharp. For this reason, you should consider acquiring stick-on foam-based fishing rulers for your new boat. These types of rulers are not only safe but convenient to use as they can be placed on any surface.

Foam Flooring

Another must-have you should definitely acquire and install in your new boat is foam flooring. Foam-based flooring will provide you and your passengers with unmatched safety to avoid injuries from slipping. Nautical or foam flooring for your new boat will be the perfect complement to include along with other safety gear.

Highest Quality Nautical and Boating Products

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