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Like many things, residential roofs will only last for so long. After a time, it’s only natural for a homeowner to wonder if the time has come to invest in a new roof in St. Augustine. If any of these signs apply in your case, calling a roofing company and having a contractor take a look is in your best interests.

You Find Shingle Granules in the Gutter System

While cleaning out the gutters, you come across quite a bit of shingle granules. In fact, you’re surprised that there are still any granules on the shingles at all. Before what remains on the roof also ends up in the gutter system, spend some time looking into replacing the current roof. Doing so now will also ensure that things in the attic aren’t ruined due to a leaky roof.

Some of the Shingles are Brittle and Starting to Curl

As you walk across the roof cleaning the gutters, you notice areas where the shingles are beginning to curl. Some of them are also brittle enough to break when you walk over to those areas. There’s likely more damage that isn’t easy to see. At this juncture, considering the idea of a new roof in St. Augustine is a smart move.

You’ve Paid Off the Mortgage and Never Replaced the Roof

You paid off the mortgage last month and just realized that the current roof was on the house when you purchased the property. That’s not necessarily a big deal if your mortgage only lasted for 15 to 20 years. If you had a 30-year mortgage, it could be a reason for concern. Unless you know the materials in question have an average life of five decades or more, it’s time to think about investing in a new roof in St. Augustine.

These are only a few of the signs that it’s time to replace the roof. Even if you only suspect that a roof replacement is in order, call a professional and have the roof inspected. While the roof may not need to be replaced, there’s a chance that it could use a repair or two. Having those repairs made now will allow the roof to continue protecting the home for more years.

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